A. Ross
Instructor: Ms. Ross   
Things you can work on at home
Writing Sentences: Dictate a simple sentence to your child and have them write it. Check to see if they used an uppercase letter and the correct punctuation mark, without you reminding them. If not, point it out. A sentence a day will get them in the habit. We do this in class each day as well but still many forget uppercase letters and punctuation.

Math facts: double digit addition without regrouping; subtraction facts will begin in 2 weeks

Read, read, read
Continue practicing Dolch Words

Once parents go through the original Protection of the Children their is an ongoing monthly training called Virtus. It is an online monthly newsletter with interesting topics about how to keep our children safe. They are quick easy reads with one question to answer at the end. This comes out the first full week of each month. Each of you will need to read the article and answer the question. If you fall behind you will not be allowed to participate in school activities such as field trips, parties, coaching, and sports. The teachers do it as well. I have really enjoyed every article. It only takes a couple of minutes to read it and answer the question but they are very informative. If you have any questions about how to access it please let us know. The site is www.virtus.org. You should read the article the week it is received. Thanks so much!!
Dates to remember

May 9 and 10: Muffins with Moms (May 9th: last name A-L; May 10th: last name M-Z)
May 11: Kidz Country in school field trip
May 12: Denim Day; May Crowning
May 19: KK Celebration at 9AM
May 23: 8th grade celebration at 6:30PM
May 24: Olympic Day; Last day of school
Week of April 24
Phonics: review consonant digraphs, vowel digraphs,combinations, prefixes and suffixes

Spelling: before, seven, large, write, know, hopped, hoped, trading, chipped, playground, again, country

Reading: Brave Dog; AR practice

Math: measurement, begin money (identify coins and know the amount of each coin)

Science: Investigation

Social Studies: Earth Day activities

Grammar: review nouns and verbs; introduce adjectives

Writing: Writing complete sentences correctly; put 3 to 4 sentences together to make a story

Service Hours
Every family is required to earn 15 service hours per school year. You can get these hours by helping in the classroom, on field trips, or other school events.
Auxilary Schedule
Monday: music
Tuesday: spanish
Wednesday: computer
Thursday: library
Friday: PE

**Please make sure your child comes dressed in PE uniform and tennis shoes on PE day.
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