A. Ross
Instructor: Ms. Ross   
Important Dates
October 19: Mass at 1:40
October 20: Riverkings Family Fun Night
October 27: Tent-or-Treat; Denim Day benefiting Olive Branch Social Services
October 31: Halloween Party at 1:30 (students may wear jeans and a Halloween shirt)
Important Dates

We talk a lot about the word integrity---doing the right thing even when no one is watching. Please talk with your children about integrity.
If you have not joined remind yet, please do. I send a lot of information through remind. I sent home instructions on how to join. If you need another sheet just email me at aross@shsm.org.
Things you can work on at home
Read, read, read. Go over 10 dolch words per week and check them off as they know them. When they read to you or you read to them, let them hear how you sound the words out. Help them sound the words out.

We are beginning to work on writing complete sentences. At this point we are talking about how every sentence begins with an uppercase letter and ends with a punctuation mark. That is something you could begin practicing with them.
Once parents go through the original Protection of the Children their is an ongoing monthly training called Virtus. It is an online monthly newsletter with interesting topics about how to keep our children safe. They are quick easy reads with one question to answer at the end. This comes out the first full week of each month. Each of you will need to read the article and answer the question. If you fall behind you will not be allowed to participate in school activities such as field trips, parties, coaching, and sports. The teachers do it as well. I have really enjoyed every article. It only takes a couple of minutes to read it and answer the question but they are very informative. If you have any questions about how to access it please let us know. The site is www.virtus.org. You should read the article the week it is received. Thanks so much!!
Dates to remember

Week of October 16th
Phonics: vc/cv; letters U, and W; handwriting practice

Reading: Sitting In My Box

Math: place value to the tens place; addition facts 7's

Science: We will focus on motion and force: push and pull

Social Studies: People of the Phillipines

Grammar: Writing complete sentences; types of sentences

Writing: Writing complete sentences correctly; put 3 to 4 sentences together to make a story

Spelling Words: can, drop, snip, ants, ask, cat, flag, lost, stand, bit, of, to

Service Hours
Every family is required to earn 15 service hours per school year. You can get these hours by helping in the classroom, on field trips, or other school events.
Auxilary Schedule
Monday: music
Tuesday: spanish
Wednesday: computer
Thursday: library
Friday: PE

**Please make sure your child comes dressed in PE uniform and tennis shoes on PE day.
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